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Joomla Frontend 1.0x - Cannot Save Articles

Try this if you are having problems saving and editing from the Frontend in Joomla 1.x If you cant get the save button working, you click and click in a component on your frontend; but somehow only the cancel button functions; it's either of two problems. First, check all of...
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Make a Joomla 1.5 Template HOWTO

This is a template tutorial designed to help you dive RIGHT in to templating for the Joomla CMS. The best Joomla template for Joomla 1.5 is not the easiest to create, but follow along with this simple tutorial and you'll be zooming right along and creating awesome Joomla templates that also...
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Automatic Error 404 Redirection w/ Joomla 1.5 and Artio JoomSEF

When I migrated my site from Joomla 1.0 to the Joomla 1.5 framework, I did not anticipate a traffic dive, but it happened, mainly due to a combination of high numbers of indexed links in Google going 404 on searchers. By default, the dynamic URL system in Joomla is sub-par, and...
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Funambol Sync Portal

The Funambol Sync portal is geared at giving newbies an elegant entry point into the world of "Cloud Computing" so to speak, however, it does have some definite limitations and setbacks that even a novice user is going to notice. For instance,
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FriendFeed & Activity Streams

FriendFeed is a social site which allows you to link activity streams from RSS syndicates from nearly all of the most popular social sites, into one service. Popular services include Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Wordpress, Custom RSS, Digg, Delicious,, StumbleUpon, etc. The value of FriendFeed is that if you make...
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Windows Update ( Server 08, Vista )

I know it's not just me lately that has noticed but it seems like Microsoft is unable to get it's own products updated safely using Windows Update. I have run Windows Update a couple thousand times at least and in the past I haven't had any problems with it; but...
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Windows 7 Beta : What's the Real Deal?

Windows 7. The best version of Windows yet? Oh sure, everyone has their input on the beta release. Well, here's my two cents about Windows based on my testing of the product. Honestly, I see now reason at all to upgrade to Windows 7, nor do I think Windows 7...
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Apple Exposed - What You Did NOT Know

It is about time that people knew the truth about Apple Computers in terms of where they stand in today's computer industry. Being that 2009 will likely be a year of economic uncertainly; it defies logic to me that Apple will continue to be able to sell computers for...
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Acer Aspire One D150 Netbook Review

Acer Aspire One D150 Netbook Review
Well, I recently picked up an Acer Aspire D150 Netbook at Radio Shack for a measly $349 and I wanted to write a review on the compact wonder so that designers around the globe could get an accurate assessment of the machine. Weighing in at less than 3lbs, and boasting both a 10" screen and a nearly 8 hour long battery life thanks to the included six-cell battery, the Aspire One is certainly covering all bases when it comes to portability. It comes standard with 1GB of ram, and even though the specifications state the max memory is 1.5GB, I was able to get the system to recognize up to 2GB using a single DDR2 module. The 160GB SATA drive is ample space for your programs; that said I removed the drive and replaced it with a 250GB SATA drive instead. The built in webcam and audio features wrap up the comprehensive package with features that will allow you to be the first person you know to webcam while grocery shopping if you should also have a mobile internet plan. (I have Verizon mobile internet so I am using a USB modem but you can use a 3G card from AT&T if you prefer to have no modem). I was recently on the Amtrak from NY to DC and I was watching music videos on YouTube the whole way. It was great; and I think the whole cafe car was completely in awe of the power I had in this tiny 3lb machine. Another nice thing about the size is that it allows you to bring and use your computer in situations that it would be otherwise ridiculous to pull out a full sized laptop. For instance if you were lost on the streets of NYC you could just whip this out with ease; sure beats my old 8lb Toshiba! The Intel Atom CPU is suprisingly speedy, as I considered this a mobile CPU I was not prepared for it to be equipped to run Adobe Creative Suite on the go, but it on the Windows Experience Index this computer rates an overall 2.6 and is OK for doing graphic design actually, just not easy with a 10" screen, but I have a full Adobe Master Collection loaded on here without any troubles honestly it's great. The integrated GMA950 graphics are capable of Windows Aero performance as well. The largest drawback was getting rid of Windows XP which is included with the Netbook as the default OS. I am not sure what the reasoning behind this was; but putting Windows Vista or Server 08 on the Netbook is not complicated if you remove the hard drive or you attach a USB DVDRW to it. All in all; I am extremely happy with this computer; It far exceeded my expectations for both portability and power. And you cannot beat its $349 price tag!
The Acer Aspire One D150-1B is a netbook PC from Acer's 2009 Aspire One D150 series that is designed as an upgrade to Acer's original Aspire One netbook series.  The netbook features a 10.1
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Verizon UM150 and Windows 7 x64

I am posting this article hoping that I can save someone else time from going nuts trying to install a Verizon Wireless Pantech UM150 device on Windows 7 x64 edition. The suggested download from the Verizon Wireless website DOES work, but they do not fully detail what is entailed in getting...
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Shibakenjinkai , a series about a beautiful life with shiba inu in this beautiful world. Written and illustrated by Tatsuro Kiuchi. Client: Genkosha 玄光社イラストレーション誌に連載していたシリーズ『柴犬人会』 Original link
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