"Driving" The First Hands-Free CT6

A scene from the 2017 International LCT Show exhibits in Las Vegas, where vehicle purchasing dreams really do come true (LCT photo) News

Just in time for LCT-NLA Show East, an exclusive LCT survey of the industry shows a healthy purchasing outlook .

Photo via Lincoln News

Vehicle Review: The Continental’s “wow” factor kicks in even before you get in.


Pick of the Week: This is the ideal choice for those who specialize in bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings, or nights out.


The company's electronic log data (ELD) recording device is now ready for commercial fleets as new federal rules approach.

Photo via Lincoln News

Vehicle Review: The luxury sedan has “catapulted us into a true fight in the luxury marketplace,” says one dealer.

Photo via Audi News

The company is confident Traffic Jam Pilot will be available in the A8 in the future.


Vehicle Pick of the Week: This custom VIP transporter by Lexani offers so much more for less.

Photo via Flickr user Ed and Eddie News

Opinion: Washington Post writer Jason Levine says we should be concerned about a lack of oversight and absence of corporate caution in the rush to be first.

With many vehicles already offering built-in Wi-Fi hotspots for connecting portable devices to the internet, the redesigned 2018 Lincoln Navigator goes a step further with the technology. (photo: Lincoln) News

Cadillac, Volvo, Mercedes S Class, Lincoln Navigator, Genesis, and BMW are among the luxury makes/models with dynamic  amenities.

Rocio and Jorge Sanchez of Hermes Transportation in Denver aboard their new MCI J4500 motorcoach (photos courtesy of Hermes) News

Hermes Worldwide buys the newest model MCI buses allowing it to serve all types of group events.

Photo via Lincoln News

Vehicle Review: The sedan has a comfortable, cushy ride without inducing motion sickness like some of the big luxury cars of yore.

(photos from Limoforsale.com) News

Vehicle Pick of the Week: Arizona operator Billy Jinks is selling a 2015 mini bus shuttle perfect for those looking to buy used.

(LCT image) Article

SEPT. LCT: A quick oil and lube service on your car for only $19 could easily cost $600 on a motorcoach.

(photos courtesy of Alliance Bus Group) Article

SEPT. LCT: Although built in Brazil, the buses are full of domestic made parts and priced below competitors.

San Francisco operator Omar Orozco with his fleet of Irizar i6 luxury motorcoaches (LCT photo from Orozco) Article

SEPT. LCT: After launching its sleek, black motorcoach into the U.S., the bus builder is seeing strong results among operators and clients.

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