Looking To Real Street America For Better News

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(LCT image)

NEWS FLASH: Reports of America coming apart at the seams in civil strife, as the climate changes life as we know it, while the world erupts in catastrophic fury, and we all helplessly roll toward an economic cliff in driverless vehicles. . .are overrated.

I haven’t seen a time when so many deep breaths are needed for a period that outperforms more than a handful of difficult years during the last century.

We absorb too much drama each day from the stopless 24/7 info and social media cycle of attention grabbing. We see too much posing, strutting, hectoring, fuming, forecasting, one-upping. . . stop me before I overdose on verbs.
One steady, more reliable source on the national condition is the daily grind of American small businesses. We hear often about Main Street versus Wall Street. I certainly prefer the former, where the chauffeured vehicle and bus industries belong, but I like the term Real Street: The practical, everyday avenue of small business that keeps it all together and the nation moving. If you own metal or equipment, make payroll, and run a regulated, taxed, private-sector business, then you never stray far from the core values in life, or just being real.

So let’s take a no-drama cross-section of our industry block on Real Street America and look for some headlines. See if you notice a pattern in the image above.

Translation: People working hard to earn a living and brighten their local corners of the world. These business stories qualify as good news.

All appeared on LCTmag.com during a month of two hurricanes, missile threats, Navy ship collisions, political strife, street violence, deficit scares, Hillary’s blame-game tour, and the return of creepy clowns.

They prove no matter what crisis or spectacle arises on any given day, the domestic anchor of Real Street America goes about its business undeterred. It also shows where to look for hope to balance out all the pessimism.

Such daily glimpses point to a working majority of Americans who know how to get along outside of the selfie-political-media complex to pursue more beneficial, lasting goals.

Thanks to Real Street America and the entire small business sector, life is better than we know or can fully appreciate, as the nearby numbers tell. Thank you to so many readers and show attendees in our LCT marketplace for providing a non-stop “accuracy check.” Keep the real news flowing.

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