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Major luxury transportation tech players lined up at the Summit for a frank discussion about creating a unified industry software platform for voluntary ride connections, Monday, April 30, 2018 in Miami Beach, Fla. (LCT photo) Article

JUNE LCT Publisher's Page: Our two brand flagships provide ample ideas and benchmarks to navigate the new business scene.

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JUNE LCT: For all the talk of Uber and TNCs, the luxury ground transportation industry shows signs of strength amid a mixed outlook.

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They want more choices and flexible timing in their pursuit of business and leisure, a new report shows.

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The cost of ridehailing is expected to decrease dramatically with the dawn of self-driving cars.


Fly the unsanitary skies: The average airliner is a mile-high petri dish of germs and filth.


Women concentrate better, men speed more, women groom more, but both are equal when playing with their phones.

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APRIL LCT Publisher's Page: It's a bad sign if the client is nickel-and-diming you from the beginning. Make sure you are fairly paid.

Looking for growth in motorcoach and chauffeured clients? Try luxury hotels, esports, and those spend-hardy Baby Boomers, Dominguez says. (photos courtesy of UMA) Article

MARCH LCT: Bus transportation providers could benefit from a strong hotel sector, wealthy retirees, and the demand for custom experiences.

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MARCH LCT Publisher's Page: Social media marketing done right can gain you more customers for a lifetime.

Sara Eastwood-Richardson at annual State of Industry Presentation, Monday, March 12, 2018, Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas (LCT photo) News

Annual State Of The Industry: Luxury ground transportation services should use tech and data to cater to clients.

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A flawed earnings study still shows serious pay disparities after some revisions.

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TRENDS: The real issue going forward is not TNC versus traditional, but car owners versus non-owners.


While Uber and Lyft remain strongly opposed to the best background checks, the drivers seem to know better.


Year over year, the increase for all sizes of buses was 4% with 2,423 new and 1,313 pre-owned purchased.

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Distracted driving remains among the top safety concerns on today’s roadways.

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