Luxe Branding

Luxe's reputation flows from a long history of delivering reasoned and insightful strategies, powerful identity systems, compelling product packaging, stunning marketing collateral and one-of-a-kind interactive experiences. Behind all the glamorous, high-concept creative work, however, is an intensive research and evaluation process that we believe leads to deeper insights into your audiences and what motivates them. Ultimately, it is research, not creative execution, that drives dividends over the long term in stronger brand loyalty and more compelling brand experiences for your audiences.

We aim to provide our clients with website design that makes a huge impact on their potential clients. Our goal is to create sites that really stand out from the crowd through an intelligent blend of traditional coding structure, the latest technologies, and high-impact designs. Our mission is to startle site viewers with bold designs in a universally tasteful way, with interactive features; search engine compliant coding; and luxury oriented interfacing.

We specialize in the web branding of high-end, luxury oriented businesses, and businesses with high-end services. From real estate to retail, we want to ensure that our client has a consistent image that makes a strong impact on a their potential client or customer. In today's competitive marketplace, it is just not an option to have a weak corporate identity. We want your potential clients to remember you for your unique appearance and branding strength. Your customers DO expect a certain experience when buying your product or service, and as a luxury oriented brand or business you want to ensure that your identity does not CAUSE you a loss of sales or market share due to a poorly planned image. This is especially applicable to our clients who work with the marketing and advertising arms of other companies.

Every single market today is over-saturated with product, and today's global economy means that it is increasingly hard for companies to make the kind of profits they used to. While most companies do not turn to design for the answer, they most likely should because the results in terms of time-frame are substantial. Perhaps clients are wandering away from your website simply because it is not making them feel confident about purchasing something from you. Perhaps they just think your online store is ugly and they move on to someone else for that reason alone?

Watch sales soar when you have well strategized, detailed branding. Branding extends far beyond a logo or business card by the way; it is more of a comprehensive thought, encompassing your visual ideals that you never comprimise on. Good branding entails that your business adheres to strict branding guidelines throughout all forms of communication; and interaction with your client., and perhaps your company decides also to extend this to all backend systems as well. Remember; that your branding may be your client's only memory of your transaction; and you want them to really take notice. We help you to develop standards are for typeface, colors, and so on. Most clients do not understand how to develop a visual standard and identity for their company. We provide an appearance that rivals spending much more with a larger agency. We take the time to ensure that clients are walked through the process; simplifying the more complex areas; and reducing the timeframe with our own templatized strategies. The end result is that you will have not just branding, but good branding.

Of course, your branding or marketing strategy is completely a waste without proper knowledge of marketing and advertising from the designer end. And we are pleased to be able to offer our clients a complete range of solutions complete with an on-staff art director. Please contact us to see how we can help to develop or enhance your businesses branding strategy. Many of our clients have experienced a huge increase in sales and traffic; after a thorough remodeling of a website and a proper online advertising plan; and we can assist your business too.

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