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We're Actually Designers

We're Actually Designers

We didn't wake up one day and decide to go into marketing. We've been a full service design agency since 2008. We've produced, design and handled all aspects of tasks - sometimes even for other agencies! We've done everything from develop custom applications to designing and printing nationally syndicated advertising collateral.

We're one of the few companies you'll meet with actual social networking prowess. Enough to boast actual expertise. We're also one of the few design agencies to boast a respected in house development specialty. Since 2008, we've been both creating & keeping up with the latest trends on the web. We specialize in servicing clients in the following areas: New York Metro, Northern New Jersey, Greater Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia, and Philadelphia.

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Experienced Web Developers

Experienced Web Developers

Anyone can build a site, but building a professional chauffeured transportation website is another story. It takes more than pretty colors and fancy language to rank well, but customers are much more likely to inquire and book with you, when your services convey your professional standards with above-average attractive visuals. Coupling that to the unique challenges of the limousine industry, it takes experience and knowledge to build a serious solution. What are the best practices for building a good retail website that will close that wedding every time? Or avoid the weddings and proms altogether?

And what about the Limo Anywhere and booking factors? We have automated strategies to get you setup quickly with a website - or we can install extensions to integrate into Joomla, WordPress, Drupal etc.

You'll have your customers booking reservations even before calling. 

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At Luxe Design Limo Websites, we understand that your ground transportation services firm has only one chance to make a great first impression.

Whether you focus on high-end corporate accounts, tourists, weddings, proms, the trade show circuit or provide a combination of services, you need to quickly distinguish yourself from the competition with your online presence.

Potential customers visiting your limousine website should be drawn in and immediately understand the benefits of doing business with you. Your website must make potential customers eager to explore your site further, so they can appreciate what you have to offer. This is the best way to begin converting leads into loyal customers.

The professionals at Luxe Design know just how to do this for you. We’ll build your limo website with powerful keywords in the copy. Keywords are essential for getting search engines to discover and rank your website so more people can find your business. We also know that proper website layout can go a long way toward improving your site’s search engine visibility.

Luxe Design Limo Websites will create a website to promote your chauffeured services firm or even serve as a booking engine for easy, online reservations. Our team is flexible. If a template doesn’t meet your business needs, we offer custom limo website design services.


Website performance is key for ensuring the best user experience. Your site needs the power of fast-loading, attractive pages to boost sales and ensure the success of your online business. Your website’s speed can spell the difference between generating new revenue or losing a big sale.

Luxe Design Limo Websites’ technologically superior designs ensure that visitors to your website never endure the torture of waiting for slow Web pages to load. Research shows that most visitors to slowly loading sites will simply hop to the better-designed site of a competitor.

Speed Sells

Luxe Design Limo Websites’ lightning fast page load speed enhances visitor engagement, increases retention, boosts sales and improves search engine optimization with: 

High page speed
Shorter page load times
Efficient delivery of media-rich content
Download speed
Optimal site formatting
Easy navigation and usability across the website


More people than ever are using their mobile devices to access websites while on the go. Savvy limousine company owners know that the future success of their online business depends on embracing a mobile-first approach to reach these busy customers.

Website visitors expect to get the same experience on their smartphones as they do with their desktop computers. This is why Luxe Design Limo Websites are built according to the principles of Responsive Design, which involves creating a site that automatically adjusts its appearance depending on what device and screen size a person uses.

Luxe Design Limo Websites not only makes sure that your website performs exceptionally well in all the popular computer web browsers, but will be optimized for mobile devices as well.


The trouble with some website developers or website template companies is that many customers lack access to someone who can answer their questions in real time with precision.

Rather than forcing you to wait for an email response or make a telephone call, we’ve made it so you are simply one click away from us. The Luxe Design limo website offers live chat support. We’ve found that live chat enables us to offer fast and convenient answers to your questions while still providing personal touch to each customer.


High-End Images
Eye-Catching Graphic Design
Easy-to-Read Content
Ready for Mobile Visitors
Unique Designs
Convenient, Clear Navigation
Social Media Integration
Powerful, User-Friendly Content Management System
Ground Transportation/Limousine Industry Specialization
Search Engine Friendly
Integrated Web Reservations Service
Support for all Major Web Browsers
Clear Roadmap
Contact Information
Scalable to Meet Your Growing Business Needs
Premium Design
SEO Analytics
Free Online Support
Limousine Expert

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