Referral Marketing


As a successful limousine company owner, you know that 83 percent of your satisfied customers are eager to become advocates for your business.  But, did you also know that research shows that the reality is that only 29 percent of customers actually serve as advocates? This indicates a clear need for more targeted outreach in your limousine marketing referral program.

At Luxe Design, we have found that our limousine marketing referral programs consistently shorten limousine company sales cycles. Luxe Design helps our limousine marketing clients drastically reduce the cost of acquiring new clients while boosting the size of each account they are currently selling to. 

Good referrals are worth their weight in gold.  In fact, a direct referral lead can be worth 20 times more than leads from direct sales or inbound web marketing? 

As a limousine company owner, you know that you are in the relationship business. With customer referral strategies an integral part of Luxe Design's limousine marketing programs, our clients are able to easily ask their loyal limousine customers for referrals while also making it supremely easy for them to respond. 


  • Improve relationships with your current limousine customers to help you find new business
  • Identify and cater to higher quality leads
  • Significantly engage with customers and prospects
  • Speed up your sales cycles
  • Build your limousine company sales exponentially
  • Get a better return on your limousine marketing investment
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