Quality Magnetic Impressions Launches New Solution to Hand-Written Signs


Los Angeles-based Quality Magnetic Impressions has revealed a  new product that helps establish a professional and VIP impression to each and every client served by the luxury chauffeured transportation industry. In developing this innovative solution to the traditional hand-written sign that chauffeurs hold to alert their clients, Quality Magnetic Impressions decidedly kept in mind that the product needed to be compact, changeable, and have a high-quality look.

Of the many types of “ingenious” ways the industry has used to capture the attention of an intended client—from hand-written signs to complex, expensive electronic devices—Quality Magnetic Impressions’ solution is high-quality, low tech and elegant.

This customizable, compact sign allows a chauffeur to easily store the device in their pocket, and change graphics, logos, and other specialty needs required to support the “branding” needs of any livery
service or associated company.

Durability, ease of use and customization make the product a unique, stand-out way to impress even your most VIP clients. For more information, visit www.chauffeursign.com.

Original author: Limo Digest
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