Unformed identity for prostorcrew

In the Russian mentality, the word prostor (space, expanse) stands for outer and inner freedom, being able to think and act without any restrictions. On the one hand, it is a purely physical notion; on the other, it is a common figure of speech. “The Russian expanse” is a constant feature of the Russian image, which has been used in various contexts over the centuries.

Taking into consideration the company’s activities, we have paraphrased this expression turning it into a graphic model — a system of shapeless objects. They are created according to the formula ‘form+content’ where the form metaphorically stands for the scale, and the content stands for depth. Both components are limitless as an infinite number of forms can be easily filled with any content, be it color, abstractions, photo images, videos, motion graphics. The dynamic component has a special potential. The system while being flexible is a product for expanding digital capabilities, designer experiments and generative graphics.

Hugo in the garden
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