Trade Shows

One day you’re writing a keynote address for a symposium, the next you’re strategically planning the roadshow to introduce and promote a free trade agreement, a week later you’re chasing down a five-star venue for a hush-hush confab for heads of state. In Event Management and Public Relations the engagements come fast and they come from every possible direction. The team you choose to pull it all together must be capable, smart, global and, above all, resourceful. Luxe is all of these things and more. Our Event Management and Public Relations team is unparalleled in its broad-based international experience. We have tackled projects of all sizes and as varied in purpose as heading operations and administration for a World Congress at CERN; securing United Nations NGO accreditation for a major African foundation; conducting a feasibility study for a multi-city trade and investment roadshow for a leading Gulf State then flawlessly producing the tour; planning and managing the opening events for a world-class museum; and directing communications, public relations and multi-lingual media relations for a premiere international film festival.
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